Welcome to my blog, my life is a joy ride! I’m a writer returning to my roots after an amazing career in journalism, government affairs and public relations. I’m determined to unleash my creativity and talk about all manner of topics.

I’m a normal girl in a mixed-up world. Here are a few things about me I think are interesting:

  • I’m an avid U2 fan and have met Bono, the Edge and Adam Clayton (not Larry yet, though). It’s all about the bass, baby, and Adam is my favorite guy in the band. I see as many shows as I can because they are so amazing live. I am privileged to write for a wonderful fan website – check it out at atu2 dot com
  • I met President Jimmy Carter. I was working in the Houston Mayor’s office as a public information officer when Carter came to town to launch a Habitat for Humanity building blitz. It was an honor to meet him and one of the top moments in my life.
  • I recently traveled to Honduras on my first out-of-country mission trip to help a group from my brother’s church build a home for a needy family. We partnered with Habitat for Humanity. Mr. Carter’s influence has remained strong.
  • I love to ride my bicycle. I had some scary crashes when I was a kid (what were we thinking back then, not wearing helmets?) but have almost always had a bike. I invested in a nice new shiny road bike about two years ago and have ridden for fun, charity and fitness.

That’s enough about me. Thanks for checking in!

Anyway, you can find me on Twitter at @bmyers or connect with me here. I’d love to hear from you!

Love and peace,


Goofing around before a U2 show in Boston in the summer of 2015.

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